At Dahl House Day Spa we use Image Skincare Collections which are made with revolutionary ingredients that are highly effective and validated with proven results.    


(For more information visit:  WWW.IMAGESKINCARE.COM)

With Image Skincare, we use an easy 3-step program:

Step 1  Diet  -  Follow Image’s daily recommended ingredients of:

AHAs/BHAs, Retinols, Peptides, Stem Cells, Brightening Agents, Antioxidants, SPR Moisturizers and Vectorize Technology

Step 2  Exercise  - The skin needs a personal trainer to get it to a healthy level.  A series of 6 professional resurfacing treatments is needed every 2 weeks.

Step 3  Maintenance  -  The skin cells turn over and build up every 28-40 days, depending on age.  Therefore, a maintenance resurfacing treatment is recommended every month to six weeks for optimal skin health.