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  Customized Back Treatment           $64              60 Minutes

This delectable treatment focuses on deep cleansing for the removal of skin impurities along with exfoliating, smoothing and hydrating to reveal soft and supple skin.

        Silky Soft Skin Treatment             $112               90 Minutes   

Unwind with this optimal relaxation treatment which includes Aromatherapy, full body dry brush exfoliation and hydrating body butter application.

      Detox Seaweed Wrap          $132             90 Minutes

This hydrating, exfoliating, detoxifying seaweed wrap begins with a full body dry brush exfoliation.  Seaweed gel will be massaged into your skin and then while you are wrapped in a cocoon of thermal blankets, your mind will be free to relax while you enjoy a gentle scalp massage placing you in a tranquil state resulting in the perfect treatment for mind, body and soul.

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